"Committed to recuperate patients' health to build a worthwhile future"

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ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003 CERTIFIED

We introduce ourselves as a SURNI GROUP (Surni Pharmaceuticals and Surni Labs). we are ultimate source for sterilants & high level disinfectants for Hospital, pharmaceutical, food, agriculture, poultry and water treatment industries. We also manufacture Haemodialysis concentrate (liquid and dry granulated form). We manufacture finest quality Peracetic acid and Hydrogen peroxide based disinfectants like PAASafe, Speedicide RTU as medical devices sterilants, Ecosteril as fumigant for Operation theaters, Peraclean as surface disinfectant, Surnalin RP, Puristil as Dialyzer reprocessing sterilants, Actnil for Dialysis machines disinfection. We also offer Citrosil for Dialysis machines disinfection,Haemodialysis Concentrate and 4% Peracetic acid.

We are leading supplier to listed below industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Nephrology
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food
  • Agriculture
  • Water treatment
  • Poultry and Animal


In the Nucleus: Infection Control & Kidney Patients

  • Surni Group (Surni Pharmaceuticals & Surni Labs) binds together people, processes and aptitude to discover novel products
  • We are committed to recuperate patients’ health to build a worthwhile future by providing highest quality products (Hospital Disinfectants and Haemodialysis concentrates)
  • We are offering novel products and services targeting Health care,pharmaceutical, food, agriculture, poultry and water treatment industries. We bring values to the life of people by delivering highest quality Disinfectants and Haemodialysis concentrates.
  • Since last 18 years Surni has established excellence in quality and service by enthusiasm to invent, manufacture and deliver