"Committed to recuperate patients' health to build a worthwhile future"

About Us

Our customers define us as Paramount of Quality & Service due to enthusiasm to invent, manufacture and deliver. We introduce ourselves as a Surni Group. We are one of the leading manufacturers of Haemodialysis Concentrate, Dry Citrate Haemodialysis cocentrate, Haemodialysis Bicarbonate Cartridge, Haemodialysis Bicarbonate Bag and disinfectants like PAASafe, Ecosteril, Dialysis Disinfectants like Citrosil, Surnalin RP and Puristil with innovation in manufacturing and delivering highest quality products (Disinfectants & Haemodialysis concentrate).

It’s all incepted when one enthusiastic entrepreneur, Mr. D.P. Joshi (B.E. Chemical) dreamed in 1994 to venture a first pharmaceutical company named Surni Pharmaceuticals in Gujarat targeting end stage kidney disease & chronic kidney failure. By walking on footprints of father, Dr Parth Joshi (M.S.) commenced a new venture named as Surni Labs explored and expanded business to Disinfectants for various applications.

Today, Surni is a leader in innovating, manufacturing and marketing Dry Citrate Haemodialysis cocentrate, Haemodialysis Bicarbonate Cartridge, Haemodialysis Bicarbonate BagHospital Disinfectants and Disinfectants for dialysis. We are devoted supplier to around 95% dialysis centers in Gujarat, significant presence in nearby states like Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, footprints in export market. On the whole we deliver highest quality products to around 500 dialysis centers. When Surni was incepted, the path to success was not simple but due to technical background, emphasis on quality, courage to innovate and customer support we are continuously achieving our goals.


Transformation is the rule of universe. Innovation is the path to transformation. We strongly believe in transformation that’s why we are continuously innovating novel products which will benefit patients and service providers.

Since inception we are trying to make conventional methods simpler, easy to carry out and cost effective.

Illustrated below are our triumphs.

1) Haemodialysis Bicarbonate Cartridge: We are first in India who developed Bicarbonate Cartridge.

2) Haemodialysis Bicarbonate Bag: We are first in India who developed Bag.

3) PAAsafe: First ever developed and launched Instrument & Medical devices sterilant in powder form in India. On dissolution, it liberated peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide.

4) We are first to develop and launch Dry Granulated Haemodialysis Concentrate in India which is cost effective as well as require very less storage place.

5) We are first to develop and launch peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide based cold sterilants Surnalin RPPuristil in India to improve quality of disinfection of haemodialysis machine as well as dialyzer.

6) We are first to develop and launch citric acid based hot sterilant – Citrosil in India for haemodialysis machines which required hot sterilization.


In pharmaceutical world there is no shortcut for success. The only path to success is QUALITY. We walk on that path.

We genuinely comprehend the worthiness of individual’s life that’s why since inception we are delivering highest quality product to the mankind and we will do the same in future.

To walk on path of QUALITY, we installed Reverse Osmosis Plant and De-Mineralized water plant since 1994. Our manufacturing facility is cGMP complied. Our facility is equipped with all sophisticated machines, equipments and instruments. Our technical team consists of qualified and trained personnel to look after manufacturing and analysis.


We provide best service in terms of on timely delivery and technical assistance.

We have our own trucks which deliver products directly to the hospital. We have dedicated courteous team to transport, unload, and arrange products as per requirement of hospitals. We are devoted to ensure timely delivery of disinfectants and haemodialysis concentrate without any medical error.

We are always keen to help our customers whenever they have any technical or non technical query. We take great pleasure to provide resolution of their query.


We are positioned comfortably at the apex of success as we are strengthened by the experience and knowledgeable team of professionals. Our experts are aware about the rules and regulation on quality prescribed by the industry and helps us in achieving the goals of perfection, quality and timeliness. Functioning with swift pace our team members succeed in delivering the ordered consignments with the promised frame of time. Their consistent effort and dedication towards work assist us to carve out a remarkable position in the market.


Being a client centric organization, we believe in the fact that company’s real strength is the satisfaction of its clients. We offer excellent quality products that have helped us in spreading the client network. Our professionals maintain close proximity with the clients to minutely comprehend their exact specifications and accordingly incorporate the details in the production process. We constantly receive positive response from our clients enabling us to improve the standards of quality of the products and delivery schedule.