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It replaces sodium hypochlorite and formaldehyde in terms of efficacy and safety.

Citrosil is a citric acid based hot sterilant for dialysis machines. It kills bacteria, viruses and spores at comparatively low temperature (60̊C) in short duration of time (05 to 10 Minutes).It is highly effective against hepatitis A, B viruses.

It is used to disinfect dialysis machines with provision of hot sterilization.

It is sterilant, Bacteriocidal, virucidal, Sporicidal and decalcifying agent.

Citrosil Contains

Citric acid                     21%

Adjutants                     ——

Purified water               Q.S.



  • Citrosil gives absolute sterilization and also enhance cleanliness.
  • It also removes calcium deposits from machine lines.
  • It is extremely effective at comparatively low temperature in short duration of time.
  • It does not alter patient’s immune system.
  • It is not carcinogenic as formaldehyde.
  • Environment friendly.
  • It leaves no toxic residues and not liberates aldehyde vapors.
  • Safe to handle and use.

Citrosil Broucher