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Surnalin RP

It replaces sodium hypochlorite and formaldehyde in terms of efficacy and safety.

Surnalin RP shows superior efficacy when used as disinfectant for dialyzer reprocessing. It’s extremely effective against broad spectrum microbiocidal activity. Surnalin is safe to use, environment friendly. It leaves no toxic residues and does not produce aldehyde vapors. It decomposes in non toxic way.

It also used to disinfect water purification system (RO System).

As compared to formaldehyde it kills microorganism very efficiently in short period of time.

It is sterilant, sporicisal, Bacteriocidal, virucidal, fungicidal.

Surnalin RP Contains

Peracetic acid                                  4%

Hydrogen peroxide                           21%

Purified water and acetic acid           Q.S.


  • Surnalin gives absolute sterilization and also enhance cleanliness.
  • It does not alter patient’s immune system.
  • It does not damage dialyzer.
  • It is not carcinogenic.
  • It decomposes in non toxic way.
  • Easily biodegradable and environment friendly.
  • It leaves no toxic residues and not liberates aldehyde vapors.
  • Safe to handle and use.

Disadvantages of Formaldehyde

  • Not rapidly lethal to clostridium sporogens.
  • Lack of sporicidal activity.
  • Carcinogenic property observed for nasal mucosa.
  • Up to 18 hours required to get complete sterility.
  • The problem of residual formaldehyde constitutes a potential health hazard to dialysis patients, haemodialysis system, hemodialyzer.
  • 2% formaldehyde for 24 hours cannot kill M. Chelonei like organism.
  • There is a possibility to revive spores even after prolonged exposure of formaldehyde
  • Banned in USA and EU for certain applications. Formaldehyde was declared a toxic substance by the 1999 Canadian Environmental Protection Act.
  • There is no quality supervision by any regional or central regulatory body.
  • There are no quality standards for the product available in market. For e.g. IP for pharmaceutical products, FCC for food products

Surnalin RP Broucher