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PAASafe Sterilant delivers assurance to medical and infection control professionals for patient safety, avoids health hazards to staff and is cost effective in terms of infrastructure, staff health and device maintenance and repair.
PAASafe Sterilant is proven effective against pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores that can be transmitted between patients via flexible endoscopes, ultra-sound probes and other reusable, non-invasive, heat sensitive medical devices. 10 minutes immersion achieves Sterilant level
It is having sophisticated corrosion inhibition system, associated to a neutral pH solution, optimizes efficacy and compatibility.

PAASafe is an exclusive powder blendwhich is to be dissolved in water to form a ready to use extremely effective biocidal solution. After dissolving in water it gives peracetic acid in range of 1000-2500ppm and hydrogen peroxide 1000-

PAASafe is suitable for manual cleaning and disinfection of thermo stable and thermo labile medical devices incl. flexible endoscopes. It is also suitable for all medical instruments and ultrasonic bath.


  • Superior sporicidal, bacteriocidal, fungicidal, mycobacteriocidal,andvirucidal.
  • Easy to carry anywhere and easy to handle as all the ingredients are inert.
  • Saves storage space and transportation cost as it is compact.
  • Maximum cleansing efficacy and sophisticated corrosion inhibitor system.
  • Effective at nearly neutral pH.
  • Universally suitable for all instruments, especially for flexible endoscopes
  • Do not leave toxic residues. Do not liberate toxic aldehyde vapors