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1) Synthetic Vinegar

We manufacture and supply best quality synthetic vinegar (5% acetic acid) to clean dialysis machine lines.

It removes calcium deposits from machines lines.

2) De-ionized Water

We manufacture and supply best quality De-ionized water with conductivity less 1.0┬Ás. It complies specification of purified water I.P.


  • To wash laboratory glassware.
  • To prepare reagents.
  • To dissolve haemodialysis concentrate part B.

3) Dextrose Anhydrous I.P.

We supply Dextrose Anhydrous I.P. (370gm) packets which can be dissolved in part A to get 1gm/liter dextrose concentration in dialysate for patients required dialysis with dextrose.

4) Potassium Chloride I.P.

We supply Potassium Chloride I.P. as a separate packet for patients require high potassium dialysis.