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Haemodialysis Bicarbonate Cartridge


Haemodialysis bicarbonate cartridge (H.D. Bi-Cart) is dry powder concentrate which is used for online preparation of sodium bicarbonate concentrate to prevent bacterial growth and system related inflammation.

Pack Sizes:
500gm, 555gm, 650gm, 720gm, 760gm

Advantages of Haemodialysis Bicarbonate Cartridge (H.D. Bi-Cart)

  • A system which provide hygienic supply of bicarbonate to patients from dry concentrate
  • No risk of contamination and bacterial growth.
  • Lighter and smaller container, removing strain to dissolve and handle ┬áheavy cans.
  • Cap closure for cleaner post-treatment environment.
  • Less storage space required.
  • European guidelines recommend use of cartridge.

Bicarbonate Cartridge surni-broucher